Celebrate wild salmon straight from Bristol Bay, Alaska. Seattle area restaurants will feature Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon dishes on their menus Nov. 14-20. Find a participating restaurant to support American fishing families and healthy sustainable seafood with your fork.

Participating Restaurants

Coming Soon!

If you know or own a restaurant that wants to participate in salmon week, contact lilani [at] bbrsda.com to get all the details and learn how you can be supported.

About Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay, Alaska supports the largest wild salmon run on the planet. Spectacular, vast, and thriving, it is home to thousands of fishermen and millions of salmon. The pristine environment has been the foundation for 130 years of sustainable harvesting by generations of small boat fishermen.

Support this fishery and this place by buying Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon year-round and by ensuring that our wild places stay wild. Check out savebristolbay.org/take-action to protect Bristol Bay’s wild fishery for generations to come.