wegmans is partnering with wild alaska salmon & seafood company to bring bristol bay sockeye salmon to your local grocery store!

About Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Company

Captain Tony Wood and the crew at Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood are fully committed to prioritizing quality in everything we do. We firmly believe that true excellence lies in paying meticulous attention to the finer details.

What sets us apart from others? It’s our unique position as both owners and operators of our own boats and processing plants, which grants us complete control over every aspect of the process, from the moment the fish is caught to its arrival on your plate. This level of control forms the foundation of our ability to consistently maintain the highest quality standards, ensuring that you always receive the very best.

Our journey toward delivering top-notch quality has been shaped by decades of experience. Captain Tony and his dedicated crew have built a reputation for their unwavering commitment to providing seafood products that you can trust.

Explore our Salmon Cooking Guide

A deliciously cooked piece of salmon is easy to achieve. Whether it’s steamed, grilled, poached, roasted or pan-seared, you’re just minutes away from a healthy, flavorful meal.

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